• If you're using the default Android browser or Chrome, try downloading Firefox, which seems to do Flash OK. Most of the time.

    Alas, Android is not yet 100% compatible with everything everyone has ever posted on the internet, but if you fiddle around, you may find that alternative programs work OK.

    • I down loaded firefox and the flash plugin works. thanks for the suggestion. My understanding is not that android is not compatible, it is that Adobe decided not to release flash suppot for Android or iOs.

  • I view what I can on my phone and tablet and make a mental note to check back on the hosted videos when I'm at work with my PC.

    I have a different Android prob that embedded YouTube videos play with no sound, but YouTube app videos are OK. Frustrating.
    • I get that too.  I think it is a conflict about which application the sound card is allocated to.  It usually works for me if I go to youtube to watch the video.  Sometimes I have to restart the browser to make it work.

  • I had downloaded an iPhone app called Skyfire that made Flash sites display properly. It may help.

  • its because the slideshow in question is flash, ie dated technology.  Theres nothing you (or iOs users either) can do until Ning updates it to HTML5

    • Thanks.  I kind of forgot about the flash issue.  I'm not running into it as much lately as sites are moving away from it.  It's okay, I can always wait to go to the desktop if I really need to see the video.  

  • Other than going to a desktop or laptop with a hardwired net connection? If it makes you feel any better, the same thing often, but not always, happens on my iPad...
    • Hey Ron,

      See The Phrygian Kid's reply.  His is the correct explanation.

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