Just doing my first fretted instrument. Cut the slots in a poplar fretboard, and I noticed that one of the slots is off by about a millimeter. I’m thinking it will be a few cents flat. Should I just proceed and live with it, or cut another one?

I tend to be pretty fussy about the details...wondering how fussy I should be here. Thanks.

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  • I put this together and put a couple strings on it. Fun instrument, and sounds nice.

    Regarding the tuning, the flexing of the can is much more of an issue than sloppy fret placement. I am going to tweak the design a bit to stiffen the can. In the meantime, I can manipulate the pitch of individual notes and add vibrato by pushing on the can a bit with my picking hand.

    I temporarily taped a flat pickup in front of the can, and that sounded really good. I'll have to mount it permanently.


  • I'm getting ready to fret this and attach a tobacco tin. I'm pretty happy with the way this neck and headlock are working out, and I am looking forward to stringing this up.

    (I'm having trouble including a photo in this post...never uploads and then I get an error message, so I am attaching it.)


    • "headstock" not "headlock"...must have been spell corrected

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  • Hi Tom, yes I worked that out a month ago. I may have missed it but has there been a notice posted about the problem and how to get around it, as you and others have suggested, by the administrators? If so I must have missed it. It may worth having some thing posted permanently so as to guide newcomers.


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