I am searching for a copy of the Poor Man’s Guide Magazine, Issue No. 2. The one which details how Weesay Freeman built his guitars. If you have a copy for sale, or know where I can buy a copy, please let me know. 


Tim Gratsinger

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  • Nice one Tim seen the video this is my feulcan build from 2020. Greeettsszz A.D.12127026701?profile=RESIZE_710x at the time i was keen on proving the Coleman people rong about the non recycleble remark on the can (see insurt ) . 

    • The “do not reuse” doesn’t have anything to do with recycling, it’s because of the caustic nature of what was inside? If you fill it with gas, the residue from the lantern fuel will mix & burn dirty causing smoke? 

      • I never heard of lantern fuel causing tics, but then I never drank any myself. 

    •  Nice. That headstock is wild. I see you left the handle on too. 

      • Thanks Yep ! its part of the Can, even got the Spout still in Red Plastic !

  • 12126852901?profile=RESIZE_710xHad the can, got tired of waiting, made one. Pics here, video at Gas Can Guitar

  • Hello Carl & Tim, i did a request to Shane on his inbox here on the  Nation, and we have to see if and how he will react  ,to the request to put the isseu nr;2 PDF file  here on the Nation for members to download.

    Thats all i can do, hope it Help, we will have to wait and see !!  Greeeettsszz A.D.

    • I sent him a FB message.  He is a busy guy, though.

  • " its on PDF file is it not Free to the Public?"

    No.  I paid Shane for the PDF version of all three issues.  Definitely would have to be okay'd by him.

    The file is more than double the "paperclips" 7 MB limit.

  • Do you think so BrianQ? its on PDF file is it not Free to the Public?, Maybee you can do a good word for Tim Gratsinger ,whit Shane or Gitty being the CBN host ? you have the contacts to these CBN legends ,he says in one of his Blogs thats his live time ambition to promote Weesay's Work & Video's  even after the originator past away ,even the copy build by the SwampWitch King ? i have no interest in the build for my self i was just querious ! its all out of sale ,the money is apparently already made ,no more copy's available, so this seams the only rezone Ble solution! 

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