I completed my first Cigarbox instrument. This is a 19" scale baritone steel string uke. I have attached the neck with a hanger bolt. Not having any stationary tools I used a hand drill and was very happy with the hanger bolt in the neck but the hole in the body was not so straight. Bottom line: the action is high and off center. The instrument is good for slide and somewhat playable. My next Cigarbox project will be the same thing - a dog bowl resonator but I am interested in neck attachment strategies.If a hanger bolt is the best way then I will prepare the neck and body and have my luther guy do the drilling to insure a better result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. BTW you can hear this instrument on "Nobody's Business" on my soundcloud site.

Thanks in advance






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  • If your box is deep enough you can go under the bowl with a stick through design.

  • similar idea as others are suggesting ... enlargen up the hole in the box so the bolt has room to be off, then you can shim the neck/box joint to straighten it out, and finish with a wood screw through both to lock it in.

  • DSC01325.JPG

    How do you like the "all in one" nut/fretboard?  Did it sound pretty good? First time I have seen this.

    • Lonman, This is called a zero fret setup which saves the need to cut an accurate nut. I used the traditional nut setup on the next instrument I built. I like both approaches.




      • From one Grandpa to another, nice build!

  • I am sorry.....My answer was how to make your next build.....To repair you problem.....Just elongate the hole in the box in the direction that you want the neck to move and when you tighten the nut, the neck will stay in place.  Up, down, sideways or diagonal doesn't matter, it will work, believe me, I have had to fix many a problem.

    • I am saying pretty much the same thing, but the pictures only show the single bolt, and I suggest adding a screw or two.
  • I agree with Will that you are close. A possible solution would be to open up the hole and get the position correct, then add a couple screws - sort of like Will did except two side by side.
  • 306576887?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024So.....Your finished cat bowl uke looks just my tenors.....I drill a small hole in the box first on a center line (I place the hole as high as I can & still have room for the washer and nut).  I then place the box & neck upside down on the counter and tap a nail through the box hole to make a mark on the neck center line.  I also put a screw near the bottom of the neck to keep the neck aligned.  Your close....just a little adjustment needed.  Happy Buildin'

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