reso reservoir

I finally got started on my first reso, I have the reso part done and now onto the "bolt on neck" part. I will start in on the frame to attach it to. Back Porch MoJo Reso.
 Cut out a round disk, chiseled out a "well" to hold the reso, drilled some holes, and cut out the inside part, it has a cut where the saw went through to get to the inside, but I glued it back together.
                                                     Cheers Ron.

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  • Thanks Ron!
  • Here is his page:
    Cheers Ron.
  • Thanks Ron,
    I am not familiar with many sources, can you tell me what the "old low" one might be?
    A res cone that was small diameter and low profile would make things much easier.
    Thanks again,
  • Well yes it is now that you mention it, I measured and it came to 1 and 7/16ths but I had shaved a hair off of mine so I added a bit, and hey I thought their were no rules 16/16ths and 16/32ndths to be much more accurate. Next time I should go metric and then it will be really messed up, 3.8cm sounds about right to me.
    If you want a flat one look at the old Low ones, but I have not ordered on of these before.
    Cheers Ron.
  • LOL. Well yes, I was assuming thats what he meant. But I would still like that verified.
    In the end though, I guess either way I am just gonna have to pick up a res cone and bridge and sort this out. 1.5" is way up from where I hoped it would be.
    Thanks for the help though!
  • Not to be a smart a$$, but isn't 1" and 8/16ths" the same as saying an inch and a half? I'm just saying.

    Mungo Park said:
    The reso with biscuit and bridge is 1" and 8/16ths.
    Cheers Ron.
  • The reso with biscuit and bridge is 1" and 8/16ths.
    Cheers Ron.
  • Not sure, since the center of the cone is dished and I am not familiar with how the biscuit/bridge sits down in it.
    Total height as assembled?
    Thanks! Mark
  • I hope this makes sense to you
    The reso cone its self is 5/8"
    The biscuit is 1/4" the bridge when sitting in the biscuit slot is 13/16"
    Cheers Ron.
  • You will have to to give a rain check until tomorrow.
    Cheers Ron.
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