I am in Lockdown, because of this Plague so I got some time on my hands and I thought I'd get some building done. Today is a practice body Build, a pine Flying V. its smaller than a standard Flying V, so If it comes out ok, I'm thinking it will make a good solid CBG build.

Planing was easy, cutting not so much, but clamping the 2 halves has been a major pain. Don't think it will come out the greatest, but I got time do more and get it right. might just use this as a template for future attempts.

I can't put my pics up at the moment, but will do soon. What you guys think?

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  • Hi, don't count me in the race, that mandolin body has gone back under the bench where it been the last 15 years. Maybe one day.
    You two enjoy your Mandolin builds though.

    A tip. If you can set the neck at an angle that will allow the use of a mandolin adjustable bridge, you will get a good string action easier.

  • I have never worked with Iroko Ray is it really that unpleasant ?

  • Looking forward to watching this race. Mandolin is for some other day for me. I'm in the planning stage for my first lap steel. I have a nice piece of iroko. I know, it has lot's of mojo, I'll wear protection and will seal The Iroko Man in with some sort of sealant, yet to be selected...

  • so the race is on.3 frankenlockdown instruments,let battle commence

    • you guys you will win, I don't build on the weekend, lockdown or not.

  • Hi again, it looks like you created a mandolin thread JP, ha ha. So if you don’t mind I would like to add a bit more info on the subject.
    Kevin, here is a solid Mandolin body I built but dismantled many years ago, and when I get a moment spare, I’ll resurrect it. Very basic. Single coil guitar pickup with a bar instead of six pole pieces, so it picked up the strings better.


    • I don't mind Taff, some Mando tips would be helpful, I'm working on a 12 stringer, might help to know how to do 8 strings first.

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