So this is just a question on what capacitor does the best job controlling a piezo rod?

While I'm at it what do you find to be the best saddle material for piezo rods.

I have tried many different combos and wanted to hear your ideas on this.

One thing about root instruments I really like, is the minimalist approach.

here is one of my builds with a .022 orange drop and bone saddle.

If you have not tried this its the least expensive way to get a good sounding electric guitar, the rod alone sounds good but have a harsh high end. Depending on it's value of the cap. lets you tailor the overall tone.

My reason for this post is I found a odd cap. that really shines with my scratch build amps .

What Says You! 

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In my .m386 amp builds, I have always used a .01uf across the input jack... I'll have to try a larger...

have not tried that, I only put 2 caps. on a 386 both going out to the speaker

depending on the cap rating,it will bleed treble signal a bit,soften the high harshness,probably a better option than a cheap,[maybe it will work,maybe it won,t] tone pot

This works well RTZ,going a bit against your minimalist approach,another option is a rotary switch with various caps of different values

you'll need 1 of the electronic guru,s for that,i just use 47 uf,s for my stuff

those articles imply that all recommended caps are discontinued/rare or expensive Oily,good info though,maybe it,s directed at people trying to clone particular vintage sounds,i'm pretty sure modern caps would be ok in c b g type set ups

Zackly. The best part to me was the testing card. Buy lotsa caps, set up yer test card, and dial in yer tone.

Oh, and the part about cannibalization. >:-E

The higher the cap value = the darker the tone. More treble will be passed to ground.

For magnetic pickups, the usual suspects are .047uf for single coil pups and .022uf for double coil/humbuckers. 

For a Piezo, I'd start with the .047uf and then a .1uf and go from there.

Ok so my findings are that the regular guitar caps. works on 3 and 4 string as long as they are heavy strings. But 3 and 4 string with treble strings and 6 string it's to much the tone is mush. Pressure on the rod from # and size of strings, fit of the saddle slot and saddle density all variable. As you cut the highs you lose volume

So I put some alligator clip jumpers on the input of a 6 six string plug into a amp and started playing and changing a bunch of caps zackly as Oily said I tried some .0022 and .00068 poly film caps. If I'm reading my Chinese right   683G  little green cap

They seem to me to have the best tone and not effect  VOLUME the second most important thing next to tone. Be great to hear someone else get this result I found nothing online. I like to think my ears don't lie.   Later

Most of the guitars that I've played, the tone pot was all the way up. ONly a couple of my guitars/CBGs do I use the tone rolled down some. A few just have a volume pot straight to the jack that offer more brightness.

When doing the cap across the the jack, have to remember that the tone pot is a variable resistor coupled with a cap. So if a cap alone doesn't do it it for you, you can try a resistor with it like the treble bleed circuit.

If a tone control is setup right it should work -maybe some cheap pickups won't be effected but the difference is slight and useable at volume. Treble bleeds work of the volume pot and meant to keep from losing high end when the volume pot is tuned down.

My interest is pickup only.

You can put 2 caps. together to get different values depending on how you connect serial or parallel


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