When I found this site I thought I would build one or two guitars and move on to something else. But, I've seen some wildly creative instruments on this site that have provided me with a constant source of inspiration. Now I'm 30 instruments in and still going strong.

I think it would be fun to post pictures of the builds the we're the most proud of.

Don't feel limited to guitars. I've seen some homemade jigs, tools,drum kicks, and lots of other things that're both artistic and marvels of backyard engineering.

So lets each post one pick that's the best of what we've designed and built.

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  • Here's mine


  • 306588753?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024two toned mahogany, had to think and think how to make a unique headstock. That string goes through a 6mm hole dead center. It is going to be my signature headstock when suitable. I am still kind of stunned that I made it. It's the crown on my first real step from a bit of wood with strings to my first quality build. ;) presented to my daughter.

  • Here's my "Johnny" skeleton arm 3 stringer featured in an issue of Guitar World .....I still love playing that guitar.......Skeleton Key Guitars


  • Here is another instrument I built last year that would qualify as a favorite. It is a tack banjo, which is a transitional instrument from the gourd banjos to the tension headed instruments still used today. Hardwood rim, ash fingerboard with a green wash, no frets, Nylgut strings, maple bridge, goatskin head, brass tacks. Boucher style neck. The fancy neck embellishments actually show you where the 8th and 12th (octave) are fingered. Bone nut. Ebony tuning pegs obtained from Stewart Mac. This type of banjo is played stroke style. 

    newest march 2015 027 (2).jpg

  • These are my first 2, the one on the right is #1. I am having a great time building and playing these things, to the extent I'm largely ignoring my "regular" guitars! #3 is in the planning stages right now, I'm gonna try a 4 string.
  • This is the one I grab to play most often. Lots of imperfections in the build but somehow it sings. All the wood except for the oak neck was scrap wood given to me by friends. Koa, Bamboo and Wenge......I've got got some cool friends....


    • Gorgeous

      • Thanks, Michael, Pick, Bama, and Rob! That was my first zero fret and after stringing it up I wanted higher action so inserted a finishing nail next to the first fret just to check for clearance. Gave me the exact string height that I wanted and the intonation seemed fine so I just left it there.
    • nice !

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