• I glue a strip of 8mm square hardwood along the top inside edge each side of the box the screw the top to these306557812?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Nice job Michael- very professional fretboard too.  :-)

  • I usually put metal corners on my paper covered boxes. This does several things:

    1. They look nice, and paper covered boxes have nice square corners.

    2. They protect the corners so that the paper does fray or come off.

    3. It holds the lid down. If I need to get back insid for a repair, I just unscrew the box corners.
    • That will work and look good Muddy. Any examples of your finished projects on here?

  • Very helpful guys. Now to the shed.......!

  • Most of my builds, nearly All of them, I have the lid facing out, same side as the fret board. I typically glue a 3/4" x 3/4" inch square post at each lower corner. When I am finished with the git I use a two screws to hold the lid closed, one into each post. If I need to get back inside I have two screws to unwind and I am inside.

  • Thanks for that. Do you need to strip back the paper to glue it down? Is the lid to the rear easier?
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