There are, I'm guessing, thousands of you out there. You're clearly not all from south of the Mason/Dixon- this spirited venture would appear to encompass the whole of N America and Europe. So- we can't all be playing 12-bars in G, or mournful dustbowl slide (I am SO jealous of Beetlejuice!)- what are YOU playing?

I'm really new to this game- after nearly forty years not quite getting six-strings, I've had a pretty productive forty days, and have posted three items of varying UK takes on proper rhythm'n'blues (NOT R&B). And I've had some positive feedback- it's different, apparently. But from what? Is most everything else just 'blues in G'?

To quote Marvin Gaye- what's going on?

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Interesting question...

Here's what my current practice set may consist of:

Beethoven - "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"

Beatles - mash of "Day Tripper", "Come Together" and "Lady Madonna"

Old Time Gospel - blues/blue grass feel

Contemporary(ish) Christian

Whatever else comes to mind... 

Hope that helps.

Well yes, Alan, it does help. It goes to show that, a mere three strings notwithstanding, one can play almost anything...

Thinking about it, the Beethoven sounds like a really good fit. And on an almost completely unrelated note, has anyone else found that you just sort of, er- fall into some famous tunes sometimes? Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman is one that crops up regularly for me!

Well, I made a guitar with frets and that really opened up possibilities.  I was able to play an A Minor chord.  This is the basis of great songs like "House of the Rising Sun" and "Classical Gas".

I know what you mean.  I pick up the guit and a song comes out!  I've been playing "Birthday Song" by the Beatles for a couple of years just because I picked up the guitar and started playing it!  It has something to do with the notes on the strings.

I have "plated" regular guitar for over 40 years but the three string has really opened up possibilities.  ;)

CLARIFICATION:  J.S. Bach wrote "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"...

: )  Alan, That mistake is totally forgivable.  'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' is the one of the only Bach worth listening to. It's ok to think someone with more talent created that song. I grew up listening to classical music. Never liked Bach. And as far as I'm concerned his experiments in musical fractals showcases his lack of talent, creativity and worth.

.....ok, i'll put my geek away... : ) 

I've always said a CGB is a real guitar. I've read on line interviews where people talked about what their grand and great grand parents played. And it wasn't the blues. Wether the guitar had frets or not. The very first song recored using a CGB wasn't the blues either. What was played wasn't anything different than what someone with a six string guitar would play today. Popular music. Unfortunately I've lost all those links years ago. 

Again Mr Rat, a thoughtful reply. Although his Bach is almost certainly worse than your bite...

You've opened up a whole new thread too. You're probably in the wrong country, but if you're ever in the British Museum you'll see that guitars- which have been around far longer than the USA- have had several shapes, and many different numbers of strings. The violin was just a type of guitar you stuck under your neck. Look where that ended up.

And how many people know that the very first electric guitar is quite possibly the most widely heard... That rising 'sproing' noise you hear at the start of every Warner Bros cartoon (ie Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc)? A six-string slide up the most cumbersome guitar you will ever see (it's in a museum somewhere). Built to play Hawaian/ lap steel, though I doubt it ever did because it looks heavy enough to break your legs.

And just about EVERY hammer-on you'll play makes you sound like John Lee Hooker. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, enough nonsense, but not enough red wine. Ho Ho ho to the bottle I go!

I think every hammer-on I play makes me sound like Van Halen or Ynqwie Malmsteen. I also think I'm the greatest guitar player in the world. As long as I'm not actually playing a guitar.

Reality sucks. : )

I have a guitar player friend who right now, for the first time in his life, is trying alternate tunings on his six string. Experimenting with what he can come up with. Not following what's been done before. I'll get a CGB in his hands yet! 

1932 frying pan

Interesting topic Mr. Callaby.  I am always eager to hear what tunings and ideas other players are trying out. I usually tune GDG, DGD, GDB, EBEB or sometimes random tunings that sound good depending on my mood.  These days I'm often experimenting with ambient and atmospheric guitar music.  I play my instruments through an effects board that has multiple reverb and delay pedals plus some rather strange effects and a looper.  I enjoy all types of guitar music but this is what has caught my fancy the last year or so.  

Well Mr Acoustics- or can I call you Primitive- being new to the game I've not yet gone further than GDG, and am still finding fun chords that are bastards on a six string but just two fingers on a CBG (E flat, anyone?). However, my looper and- even more importantly- BR800 are helping to flesh out some very odd ideas. In my 60th year and probably as creative as I've ever been...

I'm in the process of building a fretless slide monster (got the neck done, just need to fix up the [deep narrow] box). The first thing I have in mind is a distorted slide line over a synthesised burble in G. It sound great in my head- if it's in any way listenable in real life I'll post it. What it probably isn't is 'the Blues', and that of course is where this discussion came in. Indeed, it would appear that NO-ONE is playing the blues- except possibly Beetlejuice! And long may he post stuff!


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