Hi guys, I’ve never built an amp before but I’m going to try and have a go of it in the coming months, I don’t know anything about speaker cones, apart from the difference between pressed and non pressed. What I’m looking to do is recreate an orange sound, I’ve got all the electronics I need apart from the cones. I also don’t want to break the bank and my budget is between £30 to £60, in an ideal world I’d want 15 inch 100 watt output. So what type of cones do I need? Drivers? Woofers? What does all this mean anyway? Any recommendations or links to sites would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks for taking the time to read this. Ozz

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  • Ozz, a friend of mine told me that they’ve replaced the Celestions with Eminence speakers in the Bass amps, so that’s probably what you have, here’s some info on specs, but imho I think it’s way easier buying a used speaker instead of trying to create your own, costly if it’s a wash? 

  • When you say orange, do you mean orange amps? If so, then you’re probably trying to build a Celestion Fullback G15V-100 right? My advice to you is to use utmost caution, because this is not for beginners. You can ruin a speaker right quickly if you don’t what you’re doing? So, you may want to make your first one from an inexpensive or surplus speaker? A brand new one is twice your budget, but I’m sure you can find a used one for less? They go no lower than $135 new, $75-$100 used here in the states? Good luck :)

    • Ok, so what I’ve done is taken the controls out of a line 6 spider 2 and I just wanna connect it to a speaker cone similar to the one in my orange crush 100 bass amp, but the only specs I can find on the cone is that it’s a 100 watt output, but when I google that I get all sorts of results and I don’t know the difference between em all, so like I just wanna know what I can get that would be good for my money, it’s just gotta kick out some noise cos I wanna use it to gig.
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