I am in the middle of a big build, going to make 9 Diddley Bows and 2 Chuggers using Broom Handles and Danish Cookie Tins (by the way, eaten about 200 cookies so far), its going to be a big load.

But here's my problem, although I've built 2 chuggers before, I am still conflicted about what strings to use how tune. My current Chugger is tuned E-E with the lower E string an octave higher and my previous one was tuned AD.

Both work nicely, but I'm conflicted about what to try next, any suggestions?

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G-D E-B D-A? Do some experiments, ive done A-E 2 stringer with good results- perfect for boogie rythyms.if your ear enjoys it, its a winner?

Experimenting seems like the best way to find what works best. Had an idea for one; B-A, might work nicely.

Although the octave thing  sounds great with a slide? but its always good to try different things.

 I would try the root(1) and the 5th.   examples : G-D, E-B, D-A, A-E,  etc...     Then ponder ... the 5th directly above the root or an octave higher ? 

go with 1-5 tuning if you don't have a specific reason to do differently.

G-D since it matches so well with 'standard' CBG tuning G-D-G

E-B and D-A to use up the other strings in the pack

using up the pack of strings doesn't worry me I'm working from 2 packs, both chuggers could be tuned the same, but a bit of variety is always better.

Looks like everyone here suggests 1-5. As G-D. However I find melodies better sounding with 5-1. Like D-G (imagine 3rd and 4th string on regular guitar). Sounds clearer and more pleasing to me.
Damn... I just want to build another one!

I just did- #20 is my first bass, fully fretted 30mm neck, sounds great (60mm deep all-poplar box). Tuned it D-G (1-4) almost by default (used the top two strings in a pack) and it's pretty intuitive for a non-bass-player such as me. There's a lot of chords to be had with very little effort...



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