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  • Google it? If you like math, then you’ll love theory. If you don’t, then you’ll hate theory? Basically musical structure, timing, tuning, chords, instrument building are all based on mathematical equations? An online chord/scale book or app would be your best bet for learning chords & progressions? Actually that first link from Moritz says everything you need to know?

  • I also forgot to mention the book on which I learn this topic, namely The ultimate guide to music theory. This book helped me understand the basics, although I think it is suitable for both a beginner and a continuing musician. I also try to listen to various podcasts on this topic, so that while I'm doing my own thing, I can also study the music theory. Although most of the time I want to relax, and that's why I put something from the newest albums on my background and just enjoy what the musicians are doing now. I hope my comments will be useful for you, I would also like to be advised by these books at the very beginning of my journey

  • I have heard that Alfred's essentials of music theory is really good for beginners

  • There was a blog written by one of the early members (The Phrygian Kid) that gives a great intro to music theory.

    This is the link

  • Google "learn music theory free". You should see several useful resources.
  • thanks very much, Moritz for your helpful info. I'm just trying to make sense of it now!

  • elementary music theory for 3 string cigar box guitar

    some youtube links are outdated: try a search for a fresh link...

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