• nice how long did it take

    from ric
  • I thought it was kinda cool, until I read his rant and saw his price tag...........
    Really? For a cutout butcher block and bolt on neck? And that head stock and tree? No, I dont think so. It looks to me like he had to tune the two e-strings up backwards 'cause of his head stock design (or the lack thereof)?
    Sorry, I dont see a $2600 guitar by any stretch of the imagination, maybe I need to go back to my "boutique" forum! (Or not.......)
  • Wow, another tele copy how unique. made out of wood how clever. What will he think of next?
  • Yea, really cool guitar, but the guy seems like a real a-hole :-O
  • It would be sweeter if he'd used an old beat up used cutting board. I have a 8" Dia. bowl made the same way, looks kinda checkerboard cutting board styled. I'm considering making it into a mini Banjo/Uke. Got it at the local thrift store for 99 Cents.
  • A router to do the cavities for the pups and electronics and a loooong skinny drill bit to link them up with holes.

  • Cool guitar, good idea, but how did he wire it up??
  • Murray said:
    I wonder who is cheaper...IKEA or Williams-Sonoma...

    Gotta be IKEA. I ain't never seen anything cheap in Williams Sonoma!
  • I wonder who is cheaper...IKEA or Williams-Sonoma...
  • I must admit I have had the idea of using a bamboo cutting board for the same thing. Two problem though, cutting boards tend to split at the joints sometimes, (just glued up blocks) and they are heavy. Now back to the lightweight hollow box's.
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