I have to travel quite a bit for work.  Most of it is driving so I can take a few things along.  I always take something to play, but lately I have been cutting a few fret-boards along and stockpiling them.  Wonder what the guest in the next room thinks I'm up to?  

Anyone else do this?

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  • LOL, Dusty.  

  • oops ....


    Table cloth should hide that ... :-/



    • Nice pick!

    • that's awesome!

    • :D

  • Huh... I thought it was just me.  : )


  • Wonder what house keeping thinks. : ) Awesome dedication dude! 

    I go to a lot of conventions but can honestly say I've never brought anything to work on. The only thing my room is for is sleeping, showering and eating. The last because of food allergies. 

  • That’s what u call taking your homework with u?

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