Given that the distance between the top and bottom strings on a three-string CBG is about the same as the length of the short axis of a plain-topped humbucker, is there any reason why you cannot mount one vertically rather than horizontally? Aesthetically it would look so much better- would it sound so much worse?

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  • Hi, I could not find the lab coat, but I started on the project anyway.

    With the understanding that "if you always do it the same'll always get the same result" here goes, of course those of you that can are all welcome to do your own investigations. 

    Here's how I started.

    I routed out an old body, fitted a neck, selected some pickups as test samples, chose  the pickup that I thought would give the best result and fitted it. 

    Next:  fit some tuners, bridge and tailpiece and test. I'll try to do that tonight.

    306695225?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 306696620?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 306697569?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 306697645?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Cheers Taff

    • That's awesome Taff, looking forward to your results.

    • Hi, well no surprises found. Most of what I found had been foreseen by contributors to this thread.

      Most important, and pretty obvious, was that the middle string had very little volume compared to the others when played on its own, and could not be heard at all if played as part of a chord. And this pickup has two rows pole pieces going down into the magnets.

      Also, I'm not into physics and maths, but as I mentioned earlier it would be interesting to hear how the pickup reads a range of harmonics along the string instead of at a selected part of the string, where the harmonic may be at its strongest.

      What I noticed was a slight unevenness in the sound, like two or more different frequencies causing a vibrato effect. I likened this to an effect that occurs at times in Fender Strat guitars It happens when the centre pickup is used along with the bridge or neck pickups, its commonly known as "Stratitus". It is removed with pickup adjustments.

      I think the volume was greater with the pickup orientated this way, for the outside strings anyway. I tested this by lowering the back and/or front of the pickup away from the strings and the volume dropped noticeably.

      Make of this what you will. 306700804?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 Cheers Taff

    • Thanks Taff- I've just revisited my original question, which ran "Any reason why...?" And you have supplied the answer, which is, in effect, "Yes, because it's crap that way".

      Once again, CBN answers the questions that only an idiot would ask, and does in with sound theoretical and practical advice. Saved me a bit of work!

    • Yep. That off sound you heard is the phasing effect of one wave canceling another when it reaches the exact opposite distance from the center of the wave. 

    • Add to my upper post.

      So at one point the distance between the poles on the pickup is catching the wave at these opposite distances. Because all of this is reduced to a single note your hearing what naturally accrues between all six strings. Only not as noticeable. 

      the only idiot is the one who doesn't ask questions. I'm glad you took the them to experiment. Honestly I would love to hear how that sounded. Might try it myself just for fun. 

    • Your welcome  Wal. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

    • Except...there are also humbuckers that are stacked, not side by side. If you placed 3 of those side by side, parallel to the strings...

    • Thanks for being the guinea pig. I've seen a 4string PBass pickup on a 1 string bass before, just didn't know how well it worked. So now we know that 6 pole pickup coil per string in a line doesn't work well. I thought the middle might work due to magnetic field, but it needs to go through the middle of the coil to work good enough. 

    • Pretty cool Taff, thanks for that. Now it seems to me the thing to do would be to add a single coil for the middle string at the bridge end. Should be more treble, more of a lead tone, then use the middle string for most of your melody playing.  : )

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