Hi guy's, something strange happened in my workshop today, can some please explain it?

Whilst reaching for a file on its shadow board I must have knocked the one next to it, I filed a metal rod and drilled four holes in the rod, changing drills and putting them away and then filing the burrs off the holes. Now here's the thing, when I turned to replace the file back on its nail the one next to is was still swinging from side to side. Now that's about ten minutes. I stood and watched it swinging from side to side for another ten minutes. It did very, very slowly lose momentum at the point. 

I moved the files either side of the one swinging but it made no difference.

I went to lunch and it had stopped when I returned. 

In the photo it is the short file/rasp with a black handle hanging by a clip. In the first photo its just swinging to the left.

Anybody seen this before?


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Probably just a poltergeist. 


The loop in your clip is offering a great teetering / pivot point on the nail.

No big mystery .

I agreee, it's how they made clocks 500 years ago

Is it a wall that moves?. How sturdy is this wall? Because this file has the least amount of friction between it and the wall it would be the first to move All the other tools have a wide area of friction wheres this one has only the slick surface of the metal clip. Not sure why it would swing for that long. It's proven the perception of time is augmented when we are frightened. The length of time could have been much shorter. 

How close is this to your work area? 

Not knowing how close this is to your work space I can only speculate. But I wouldn't get to freaked out over it. There's a good 99.99% chance this could be explained by simple physics or how our bodies work. If this is behind or close to you. You could be so used to it there that you could press against it with a heal and not be aware of it. Our brains do not multitask. Impossible. We are set up to concentrate on one thing at a time. Even someone like me, ambidextrous, can't. The  familiarity between you and this wall could be in such a way you wouldn't realize you pressed against it. With any part of your body. Unless you hit it hard enough to go beyond what your brain would consider safe. If there is no harm to you or the tools then it's normal to instantly dismiss the contact. Especially if your already concentrating on something else. 

If there is an electrical outlet or wire behind this I would call an electrician. A strong magnetic field known as RMF ( radio magnetic field ) is a sign of bad wiring or connection.  

Trump lie detector??? that file should swing nonstop night and day!!!

H ha, lots of good replies.

Jordan, I don't need a lie detector for that guy, you can  tell when he's lying......his lips are moving.

Blue rat, I'm still working your explanation out ha ha.

Korrigan, that poltergeist was in my workshop last year too. I hung up my Bluetooth speaker whilst playing my iPad, I looked up and the speaker was swinging, it swung for 25 minutes until I got bored and walked away.

And before you ask..... I was playing blues not swing.



Swinging speaker? Try switching over to classical music the next time. The geist might get board and leave before you do. :)

Not knowing the history or physical layout of your shop I approached this from a physical and psychological stand point. By history I mean other events. Not what's berried underneath. Or any other popular hokey sudo science. By psychological I mean how our brains are set up. How they actually work. Nothing to do with who you are. 

I'll share an experience that happened to me. Shortly after getting married and moving into this house. I laid down to go to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow I heard "Help Me' from under my head. Freaked I immediately jumped out of bed. This is what actually happened. I was physically exhausted and stressed out. I fell asleep as soon as I laid down. A short time later I jumped back out of  bed. How do I know this? My wife was still dressed and standing by the bed when I laid down. She was in bed when I jumped out. I dreamed it. So without using critical thinking I could have easily came to the conclusion that the house was haunted. Or I needed a new pillow. 

If these events don't bother you. Or anyone else in the family then enjoy them. And no, your not going crazy. It's a shame really. crazy people make great music. :)


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