My first post.I've been lurking but my browser wouldnt let me sign up.

So my first CBG type was 20yrs ago.I used a box I had made in high school and an old Harmony neck from a smashed acoustic.

I forget how I was turned on to them,it must have been a guitar magazine,it was way before the internet and the "fad".

My basic background as a musician is a Metal Head!!!I've been playing guitar for over 30 years.

Hi everybody and I hope to gain some knowledge from your builds.




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  • Welcome to the madness doc.....very soon you will be scouring yard sales for crap that you can make into a git....and gibbering in your sleep about £€^~#_% fret slots that aren't right....lotsa very smart and kind people on this site....and some damn fine luthiers when you need a hand.
    Never thought of bluegrass metal.....I have this comparison with peanut butter and KY jelly.....perhaps not for everyone but try it once.....
  • Alright! Another metal head. We need more metal here. Metal rules. DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!!!
  • Hello again all,thanks for the warm welcome!

  • welcome !!   :-D

  • So bluegrass metal? Is it kind of like some of the bands on the Farmageddon label? I love those guys and have seen many of them live. If it is we should see if there is any interest in a compilation album of that kind of sound. Welcome abourd....matt

  • Thanks Richey,I do a metal/bluegrass/blues type of style.Its unique,I'm still learning(always!),but I run the CBG thru an old Kalamazoo model 1 amp w/ a tube screamer.Sounds cool.If I want less grind I just click the tube screamer off.I also play my lap steels thru the same rig.

    Its always fun tho to fire up the Marshall stack and run 'um thru that!

  • Welcome Sawbones - looking forward to hearing some CBG metal from you :)

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