• I have tried what you’re going to attempt, the outer wraps will unravel despite the epoxy? The ridges of the string wraps will give an awful buzz & they can’t be leveled without weakening the wraps? Toothpicks are super cheap & work well, but fretwire really is the best option? Stewmac #764 Narrow/Low or CBGitty Narrow/Low  is the standard for ukes? Stewmac $5.89-2ft./ CBGitty $12.99-6ft. 
    FYI: I have used everything from wood, weed whacker line, cotter pins, copper/brass,steel,aluminum wire, glass, string, fishing line, Etc. Fret wire will outlast & outperform any alternative material every time? 

    • Thank you! That's exactly what I was curious about. Appreciate your adventure fullness
  • Not going to be doing much bending for a uke.
    As far as leveling and hurting Ive thought about a thin coat epoxy over them once super glued on. Then can level the
    thin resin coating.
  • when i used split pins for my frets i just used super glue . i used a gel type. only 1 has fallen off but it was down the dusty end so i never bothred glueing it back on... 

    i dont think wound strings would make a good fret for the reasons Taffy said . If you tried to bend a note it would jump all over the place as it went up and down the windings.. step like its

  • Hi, a few thoughts came to mind to consider, although I have not tried it.
    1, Gluing to the fingerboard could be messy.
    2, If glued into a slot then the fret would be very low off the fingerboard
    3, How do you stop the fret/string ends from ripping your fingers or hand, I can think of a way but it's very time intensive.
    4. How do you stop the strings winding wrap from unwinding?
    5, Flat wound strings would be better than round wound strings.
    6, I would hate to have to level frets like that, Ha ha.

    cheers Taff

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