Member Ricky Martin has list of FOURTEEN soldiers who want instruments.  There is a roster on the group of folks who've offered to build.  If you are on that list, this is your big chance!

Contact member Ricky Martin and pick yourself a soldier.   He'll give you all their contact info.

The soldiers have even offered to pay postage to get the instruments over there, so there is nothing holding you back.


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  • Greeting Cigar Box Nation,
    My name is SFC Sean Connor and I am currently stationed in Afghanistan. I am one of the soldiers on Ricky's list and thanks to Matt I will recieve my first ever 1 String Diddly Bow CBG. I want to thank you all for supporting troops like myself it means a great deal when we are so far from home. I look forward to playing the CBG, I have never played an instrument in my life, well besides the attempt to play the spoons with my Grandfather as a kid, yeah that didn't go over so well. Anyhow, once I received an email from Matt I became interested and decided to become a member of Cigar Box Nation. In Massachusetts, where I am from, I can't say I have heard of a CBG but when I return home I will share the knowledge.

    Thank you again for your support and I may be interested in working with someone to customize a military specific CBG. Something that depicts Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom for which I both served. Take care and God bless.

    Your Friend,
    SFC Sean Connor

    I will take pics once I recieve my CBG and post if that is acceptable.
  • The specific list of soldiers has arrived, and they mostly want 6 strings or 4 strings.

    Please check your stash, or see what wood is on the shelf and help out a soldier. These servicemen are not scheduled to return home until the end of next year -- that's a long time with no guitar!
  • Please contact him directly. Just click on the link up there and leave him a message. He'll match you up!

    mark quigley said:
    have ricky add me to the list. i'm disabled and sit and work on cbg's every day. can't play a lick but enjoy building
  • have ricky add me to the list. i'm disabled and sit and work on cbg's every day. can't play a lick but enjoy building
  • Thanks, Iggy! Ricky is swamped!
  • It doesn't look like the people at Walter Reed care enough to bother to respond to my inquiry. I have sent Ricky a message.
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