I searched "Ghost Pickup" and found a few entries from people who tried the Wicked Bucker under the box top. Apparently it was not particularly successful.

I'm just checking in to see if anyone has successfully installed a wicked bucker under the box lit with strings about 1/4" above the lid. It seems that the Gitty Bomb pickup is no longer available and the wicked bucker is about 3.8 Ohms. I want to keep the box top clean so a surface mount pickup tends to spoil it. Thanks

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  •  I still won't do business with MGB. They screwed me and were patronizing about it.

  • Rule of thumb, 1/4 or less (  Strings to pick up )for pick up for best sound. MGB  is top notch and free shipping, There flat pick up's work great under lid... (thin lid box's )

  •  Late to the party, I'd get a Gitty bomb, if they were available, but how many ohms would it take to achieve these results? I won't do business with MGB.

  • That’s kool Tom, I ordered a few yesterday, I ended up selling the cbg I had it in? I also want to try their single coil ghost pickup, but that’s another adventure :)

  • I always get tempted with their free shipping :D

    • I ordered the Lucky13 flat pickup and installed it under the box lid. It had great power at picking up the string even through the box lid. The one thing I did notice was that the pickup was very phonic, much like a piezo installation. In noticed that if it touched the neck, the pickup picked it up. If I touched the box, same thing. The solution for me was to wrap the pickup with a single wrap of 1/4" bubble wrap to isolate it from the box, neck and other guitar parts. That did it.

      For ghosting, it is a good choice when isolated from the guitar.

      Thanks for the tip.

  • MGB has one for ghosting too, all of their flatpup’s have been consistently good for me?


    You can also ghost a hot magnetic pickup, or one that’s not so hot? Fender makes an esquire Tele with a pickup ghosted beneath the pick guard in the neck position, but maybe not as dense as wood? 

    • Thanks Brian,

      I'll check it out

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