Ya, it's been a long time. I want to get three done. This is the hardest of all three. Thought it would be awesome to get the fun one first. This will be a piezo semi hollow guitar.

The guitar will be made in four layers. The top is 1/4 ply. The second layer down is 1/2 ply. Third layer is 3/4 maple from a table top. This layer will support the neck. Bottom layer is another layer of 1/4 ply. 

First. Each layer will first be cut into 13 11/16 x 17 7/16 rectangles. Each piece of wood will get a 3x3 inch grid. There are three patterns. Each patter has 3x3 grid markings. So they will line up in the very same spot on each piece of wood.

The bottom layer gets two recessed plates. The will be cut out of and sit flush in the 1/4 ply. I'll have to start each with a knife cut. Then use a jig saw to finish them. These tow access plates will screw into the maple layer above them.

The maple layer will get three cavities cut out of it. One for the pots and jack. One for the three way toggle switch. And one large one on the left side, as your looking at it in a stand, of the guitar. 

The 1/2 ply layer is mostly one large cavity. There will be support for the output jack. And a block of the same wood for under the bridge.

The top layer will get holes for four knobs, the output jack and three way switch. There will also be a sound hole.

At this point the four layers are still rectangles. I'll first glue the top two layers together. Then cut the neck pocket out of them. Then glue the rest to make one block. Once dry I'll cut the body shape out. 

The two piezos. The one at the neck will be permanently sealed within the guitar. the only way to have access to it is to make a plate on the face of the guitar. Choosing looks over function. The second piezo will be under the bridge/

Two pics. The first pic is the maple layer. The second is the 1/2 ply along with the block for the bridge.

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Guess this is going to be more of a blog till I actually get some wood started. I do have all the wood and ply I need. Just double checking the pots, resisters and compositors I'll be needing. Did make one more partial pattern. One to mark the holes for the four pots, output jack and three way switch. 

After tracing around the main pattern all my patters are exactly 1/8 larger. So when I go to cut everything out I'll be cutting to the inside of the lines. I will keep a note of this. The next time I print out a pattern I'll make sure it's an 1/8 shy. 

Still combing through lots of posts on insulting the piezo. What people have used and what's been the go to method builders use the most. 

Attachment is of component placements


Well if I can't find the pots i want for this guitar I'll start another. Right now the only place I can find that sells 1m linear taper pots is sold out. Emailed them and asked when they'll get more in, So I can easily put this one on hold. Or build it to a stoping point and start on one of the electric ones. This is just a minor set back. I'm still going to get three guitars built by Aug this year. that's right, this year. not four or five Augusts from now. : )

Rat, it was good to read you're back in this forum a while back. It had been a bit, for sure. Now you actually have drawings and dates. This is starting to feel like a plan! Looking forward to reports of your progress, then the finished articles. You know, August will be on us in a flash...time to get crackin'.  Hope you get your pots.

Thanks Grandpa. Lots of distractions and things happening on my end. 

I found a second source so back in business! Got a neck hear for this guitar. Going to remake my 'Rusty Rat Box". that was going to be my on hold build. Got a neck and stuff coming for it. May not be till this  weekend before I can start cutting things out. 

Got an email today from GuitarElectronics. Guess what pars are going to be shipped later.... ya, those 1K Linear pots. This is becoming a saga. As long as it doesn't become a tragedy. I'd settle for a comedy as long  a i'm the one laughing. : ) 

Have you looked on Ebay?

Yep. Checked out your link too. Even in this area of the site Ebay gives me lots of really cheap ones. Not going to put this much time and effort into something to load it with scratchy or failing pots. They do list the Fender style with the solid shaft. Don't have any knobs for them. 

Looks like if I want to know when my pots are going to be shipped I have to open up an account with them. Really don't like accounts with on line sellers. They seem to love to fill your email full of "wonderful things" they can't sell or are desperately trying to get rid of. 

Ya, but the price on that. You could put the same brands together and pay $20+ less for it. The price of convenience. : ) And it's not even true to vintage Gibson. Orange drops?  this is vintage Gibson.

Maybe so, however, a resistor only resist it's value no mater what brand as long as it's good quality. Orange drops work fine. It's the pots I'm more concerned with. 

I know the feeling. I've been burned with cheap pots before. It's not worth wiring in a $100+ pickup to a .25 cent pot. Even a piezo to a cheap pot is asking for problems in the long run. If you don't use your volume or tone controls than a cheap pots will last a long time. Start using them and those thin parts wear out quickly. 

Actually those are capacitors. A capacitor, even at full tone will change the tone of your guitar. It depends on it's value and what it's made of. 

I have 2 B1meg mini Alpha pots that I'm not going to use.


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