The guitar that was played over in the video section is this one. Just to give those interested a better look.
New Guinee rosewood body with a Burdiken Plum top, Fingerboard is rosewood, and the neck is maple.
Pickups are Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbuckers. The body is chambered so as to make it lighter.

Cheers Taff

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  • Hi Paul, thanks for the comment.

    Regarding the pickups, yes I like them, not sure how to describe the sound of them but I find that through my A-class valve amp, I get different tones between the neck and bridge pickups. I'm not talking about the usual warm-to-bright change in tone but the bridge pickup also has a different sound. This I like when soloing as I can switch from one to the other to add some variety and a different feel to the piece.

    I normally play on the bass side of the tone pot, as the treble settings are very single-coil sounding. That's about the best I can do, I do not know if that makes sense.

    I also use a '59 Bassman pedal or an Ibanez tube screamer pedal.

    Cheers Taff

  • Looks great Taffy. How do you like the Pearly Gates pickups?

  • Hi Tim, I look at it as buying from the manufacturer at wholesale prices, with no middleman.
    I have pulled back on building on commission as people always wanted something different from what I already had, or was building at that time. The acoustic guitar I just completed took seven years to finish due to selling off it but not getting the chance to complete it.
    So now it's a case of - ya buy what I got - or pay a premium for special orders. All guitars are still different in some way from each other

  • like the headstock as well. 

    may i enquire as to how much you would sell a guitar like that for? i mean if someone commisioned it ? 

    • Hi Tim thanks for your inquiry. I don't have a set price as there are so many variables, and even more when you start talking to the customer about their wants and needs.
      I have not built a solid body for a number of years but back then I suppose a build like the one pictured could be around $2300.00 and up.
      Cheers Taff

      • cheers Taff.

        very reasonable for a bespoke custom job.

  • Hi Brian, yep it seems that whatever changes one makes from one builders design makes it close to someone else’s.

    . At a glance the body looks like that of Tele, but their are slight differences. Taff
  • Nice, that headstock reminds me of G&L 

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