Working on my 3rd build. On my first I used this pickup from CB Gitty. Really liked the results so I am using another in this build. My question is, what the heck are the 2 springs included in the hardware bag for? I just didn't bother with them on the 1st CBG, do I want to use them on this build?

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  • Oh, i see.... That's a good idea to use them as the mounting spring.

  • If mounting to the neck, the spring will go under the pickup tab instead of on top. Mounting to the neck is actually stronger, structurally? 

  • Michael, Type your text then,


  • This might help: 


    • I see, this is mounting the pickup to the lid rather than to the neck. I think I like that idea. Might just give it a try on this build. Thanks!

  • I believe they are for the screws that hold the pickup in place. they are used for tension adjustment of the height of the pickup

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