• EGB is an Eminor chord, GBE is the first inversion, meaning the root note is thrown to the other end one octave up, GBE.  That means that the minor third note that makes it a minor chord is on the string next to your thumb, and easy to make a major chord playing that one one fret up...

    So you can play by chords by name using bar chords just knowing the notes on the high string (nearest your knuckles)


  • For GBE tuning, check out Loog guitars. It's a sort of offshoot of the whole 3 string cigar box guitar thing, and aims to introduce people to 3 string guitar as alternative way into playing guitar and being able to move onto 6 string.

    It's not perfect as a tuning, but they've worked on this pretty hard and got flashcards for kids, and an app for your phone.

    You can simply drop the top E down to a D and you have the top half of a conventional open G tuning.

    • Or if you tune all 3 strings down a step from GBE now you have F, A, D which would be the 1st 3 strings of a Guitar in D Standard, that means E major is D Major, C Major becomes B flat Major, etc.

    • Hi ChickenboneJohn!

      Love your youtube channel.

      Thanks for the info on the Loog guitars, We have a couple of nieces and nephews we like to spoil. Already got them ukuleles, and they take to music, we'll get them gits too.

  • I use G B E tuning. Here are a couple of my own tunes in that tuning... used all wound strings.


    Superficial Reasons

    • Really nice singing and playing Derek.

      I love those compositions. Any chance you'd share the chords for Obsession?

      • Thanks Rodger. Much appreciate your kind comments. 

        Here are the 1st verse and chorus, and some explanations, pretty simple chords. Once you get the rhythm going it should seem easy. 

        Actually Richard corrected me - the recorded version is in F A D tuning... it was written in GBE then I lowered it a whole step to FAD for my voice. Though the relationships are the same and it will work in GBE of course. So all info below is for GBE.

        GBE tuning (all wound strings for fuller chunkier sound)

        D = 232
        G = 003
        A = 220
        C = 010

        strum D a couple beats then lift 1st string open briefly and fret 1st string 2nd fret (full D chord)
        G chord play with open 3rd & 2nd strings, fretting 1st string 3rd fret and walk down 2nd fret and
        to open 1st string
        Simple repeat this for each line in verse until A chord

        D              G
        I don't like change
        D                    G
        Though I can change my mind
        D                  G                             A
        I do it all the time when no ones looking

        D                   G
        It ain't no big deal
        D         G
        I never steal
        D                       G                           A
        Now and then a kiss might turn up missing

        C                          G
        You don't have to lie
        C                           G
        You don't need an alibi
        C                              G                    A
        My stolen heart was found in your possession
        C                 G        A
        I know I can be an obsession

        • Lovely song, thanks for the chords and notes!

          • You are welcome and thanks as well.  :-)

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