• Hi, don’t know how old that instrument is. Tuning issues occurs depending on how well the pegs are fitted in the first place, and how often used I suppose. Using proper violin pegs is what I would do, too time consuming to make them myself.

    I’ll post how I did the fitting without the peg box reamer.


  • Taffy,tuning problems over time!? How many problems for how much time?how old is that….Dulcimer?

  • I was considering for down the road because I saw rosewood pegs for sale I also saw the need for matching reamer also,I am working on another guitar now a cedar La primadora box I had to completely glue back together,with a cherry and mohogany neck and a Wenge fret board earlier tonight I glued the fret board on,so I’m a little further on then the pictures,which are of gluing the box back together it wasn’t all apples and spice though as the 1st neck I kind of messed up when I got too frisky with the belt sander,it could be used if you dont mind the divot by the tuner head! I guess you can’t win them all ,I kept it ,it might be a candidate for a ukulele or a vilolin10969244669?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Hi again, ok so the peg held that string at twenty pounds today.

    Next, I'll make my own peg and try this method of fitting to make sure it's easily doable, or at least challenging.

  • Hi John, as promised I did have a stab at using a wood tuner without using the traditional method of fitting, but getting a good grip against the string tension.

    This is my first Mk1 model, I have a weight hanging on the string and it's holding fine, but I'm going to add a dial gauge and see what string pull/poundage it will grip.
    Cheers Taff

  • Hi, as Brian points out these pegs would be hard to fine-tune, the taper on the shaft needs to match the taper in the peghead for a good grip, and that's where violin fine tuners would help. Also, the peghead material should be hardwood too.


    These types of instruments I get for repair suffer tuning problems over time. I'm glad the customer had to live with this one, haha.

  • Whatever you do, don’t use softwoods, they’ll spin right off? Oak is a good place to start for tuning pegs & tuner buttons, making tuning pegs requires patience & skill, but not the best for spot on tuning when you’ve got more than one string? That’s the down side of wood tuners! 



  • Hi, if you are up for a compromise what about tuner with wooden buttons. I have an idea for wood tuners that do not use the violin style of peg fitting. I give it a try and get back.

  • I encountered the glitch I heard of! It won’t post my reply unless I go to html editor,lost my post but any way in short I said I like the wood tuners because I like wood

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