• 306620053?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Mine was a cheap $3 from the thrift store. It is pretty heavy gauge though. I also cut it down some. It works great!!!306621320?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Yeah that turned out nice. Thanks for sharing! Great job on the build ,love that neck
  • lookin good ,I would like to see it when its finished. Im still learning the ropes. What did you cut the spoon with "if you don't mind me asking?"
    • I used a angle grinder with a cutoff wheel. Finished it awhile back. I use it as a lap steel. It has a piezo under the plate, one HB with coil tap wired to a 3-way switch. 500k volume for HB and 1meg volume for the piezo.306623229?profile=original

      • Oh nice! "I don't own a angel grinder ,but thinking of cutting the spatula to size "if all goes as planned" ,which for me it usually dont ,but I want to do a six string build using a Bolton neck myself anyways looks Unique "Looks great Paul" Thanks for the advice & photo!
        • No problem. I had to use the angle grinder because the pie server was thick. The spatula you showed looked thin enough for some metal shears. Angle grinders can be had for cheap prices these days, but they can be dangerous too.

          Be sure to ask any questions, we're here to help. Post pics when your done.

          • Alright I appreciate it Paul & will definitely share a pic when I get it finished. Thanks again.
            • Hey JD. I saw that your build has a bolt on neck. Did you end up with that tee-shirt neck we talked about last year? The one on Amazon? Looking forward to seeing your build.

              • No Grandpa ,I actually built that neck and it just runs to the back of the inside of the box. Of course I used a couple blocks for support, but Im going to try the bolt on neck we talked about.
  • Got this pie server from the local Goodwill store.306622806?profile=original306622953?profile=original

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