Karma Correction: a tribute to neil young

23 brand new interpretations of the music of NY

played on homemade instruments by members of

the cigarboxnation

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After the goldrush
Goin' back
Rocking in the freeworld
From hank to hendrix
Love is a rose
My my hey hey
Old man
Tell me why
This old guitar
The needle & the damage done
Mr soul
The loner
Harvest moon
My heart
Southern man
Only love can break your heart
Dead mans theme
On the beach
Train of love
Down by the river
Human highway

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  • How old man sound
  • Can some one hook me up with a hard copy
    • I'll burn you one and hopefully get it to you at our next roadhouse meetup. If not then I'll be at the Cigar Box Festival for sure. 

  • YES! Totally AWESOME album! Honored and proud to be a part of it! Thanks for the opportunity c# merle. Great job putting this all together! 

    For Tom, I recorded the distorted guitar using my six string Cosmic Glider threw a ARC effect's Soothsayer threw a Marshall. The acoustic guitar is a Delta Blues four string cigar box guitar played threw a GK 4x10 bass amp. Mixed in Garage Band. Still wasn't that familiar with the new Garage band set up so processing is non existent. One track at a time using an inexpensive  Samsung USB mic. 

  • Thanks C# Merle For the Great Mix All Came out real beautyfull Nice Blend in the songs and Sound Colors,Verry Well Done me Laddy!!! Brite and sparkly Graphics this One Bites the Dust,306445627?profile=original

    Thanks Again ! Kind Greetings From Holland !! Greeeeetttssszzz A.D.

  • Great stuff Merle,kudo's for your work,well done all contributors,have just heard bits and pieces so far,excellent  and varied takes on Neil,about to play the whole thing,again,well done all round

  • Wayfinder, I can never get Audacity time shift to work for me. I've gone back to using my old Korg D8 recorder. I used an SM58 mic plugged directly in and used a CB fiddle and 3 string CB guitar. I don't know why a computer can't figure out that an overdub should be in synch with the previos track!
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      • You can also get pills from the Doc for "latency", Mr Turtle, but that's another story! ;)

  • thank you c# merle 306443724?profile=original

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