CallyFest 5.   March 19-28, 2022

A virtual festival for all, right here on the Cigar Box Nation.

In honor and memory of our dear friend Dave Lynas. He loved the festival and was always a huge part

each year with his art, music, humor, and creative imagination. 
Donations needed: your videos, posted in the video section of the Nation.

                                 Videos of your music, your craft, your teachings.

   All kind of virtual stages this year. Rock, country, folk, blues, tuba, anything CBG.

All expenses paid this year due to the success of Uncle John’s Pawn Shops, both the original 

and west coast branch. Airfare to Ogden, Iowa, and the fleet of Bluebird Party buses to Monterey. 
Food and shelter will be provided. All you have to do is come and enjoy the fun, festivities, ocean, and of course, the nude beach, back this year with proper permits.

please post RSVP, ideas, posters, funny transportation problems, smart ass comments, anything in your mind 

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  • Just thinking, do performers have to pay to get in? Any line up longer than 2 people I can't handle. They must have been giving away something very cheap for a lineup like the one above. Cheers Taff.

  • That was fun, Rick.  Just made it home.  Tired, but happy.  Linda has not decided if I get to go in 2023 or not.   She somehow got the idea that some of you are a bad influence on a poor old guy like me.  Nahh..

  • Hi Richard ! Hear are this years Tickets ! hope they are still in time !!10229355665?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Just in time A.D! Perfect! I was handwriting tickets and the demand was getting out of hand. These beautiful tickets will certainly ease the rabid demand and calm the 16 hour waiting period to get tickets. Thank you my friend, these are great! 10232453462?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I got friends in high places to donate Free shuttle service this year


    • Muchly appreciated BrianQ! Your mingling with the rich and famous is coming in very handy. I’ve been in the shop of UJ Pawnshop West Coast feverlessly trying to mount 40 horsepower engines on skateboards for folks to move 10232449070?profile=RESIZE_710xaround various festival venuses. Your green squadron will be most welcomes sir, thank you!

    • That’s great John! The little red wagon brigade. Make you own trail.

  • These are handy when your in a tight spot. Which will unfortunately be all the time because I forgot to order toiletries. Do you recognize this UJ! Ha! 10217431897?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I recognize that face, Silent Jim.  Clock.  Last I knew he was dedicated to being the caregiver for his ailiong grandma. I hope Clock is happy and creative.

This reply was deleted.