I want to buy a quality built CBG and I noticed Lace now has their own line of CBGs. Anyone own one and can comment on build quality and sound?

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This is AWESOME! But holy cow the prices of these things. Some time ago folks here were experimenting with making lace style pickups. Hopefully someone will chime in soon. 

Personally, I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole.Lace might know pickups but they don't know CBGs.

If they can't get the orientation of the tuners right... what else did they do wrong?

Alas.,.,I orientate my tuners the same way on a narrow headstock.,.,I prefer that the tuner buttons turn in the same direction as a factory 6 string., On the upside down tuners I wrap the string in the opposite direction, as I try to go for a straight string pull over the zero fret.,.,but it's just a build style.,.I do believe I have seen this orientation on some very expensive CBG's, but I will not mention the builders names.,.,  Korrigan you build some beautiful stuff.,.,maybe they would have done it differently if they used those sweet Pigasus headstocks.,.,

Agree on this they are up here at the local holesale store aswell verry verry exspencif you can get 2 (TWO) real nice chineese/korean full 6 guitars for the price of one off these hastely build ,pick up's are overrated aswell! believe Korrigan did do some exual exspirimenting whit lace, give me shaller anytime low price high Performance! for any kind of set up !

Ok., I see they are selling these at Guitar Center.,.,$349 "on sale".,.,  looks similar to the St Blues CBG.,.

From the pics and videos they look comparable to other factory made CBG's.,.,personally I owned a Daddy Mojo build for a week and I thought it sucked for a $700 CBG.,., For my 2 cents if you can get one for $150 somewhere that is a thought.,.,otherwise order one from Korrigan.,.you will not be disappointed.,.,

Well , it depends  on “when” and whose Lace “cbgs” .

Originally, Rob Wrobel  had a relationship with Lace , Rob built  cbgs for them to showcase their cbg pickup at the NAMM show .  if you have one of these guitars , you have a quality built guitar indeed.

Not to mention , other builders / have / do/  use lace pickups ,  so if you want  a quality build  and a Lace pickup . find a great builder and ask to  include a lace pup, .. and  boom .. Bob’s  yer  uncle.

(none of which would be branded a “Lace” cbg  per-say)

But . since the Namm show  ,  Rob and Lace broke ties . Rob citing “I can not support their new business model that includes, doing away with all distributors, and all sponsored artist and the move to import made in China CBGs , “.

And Lace’s reply :   “we have more builders that want to be promoted by Lace which we will do. We will continue to promote custom cigar box builders that use our matchbook pickup. Nothing sounds better than our Alumitone matchbook pickup and we will educate all consumers who are considering a custom built cigar box guitar to be sure it has a Lace pickup. We wish you much success.”

Obviously a business move to cut out the middle man , and  pocket more profit. “ Overseas production is a highly used  cost productive business move “. But ... . is not always the most wise. Mostly due to quality control issues .

That being said , there are "some"  great quality mass produced items made it china .  even guitars .

but there are some not so great ones  also.

In your choice ,  just know  you are buying a mass produced , made in china  product . ( unless they have changed that decision since) . 

your really smart!...you should branch out into add writing , copy and marketing!...you would do well in advertising pick!...your a wise person for sure!

and yes as for the topic at hand, it strictly business, make thing oversees, it is probably about a 15 dollar investment each instrument with a high profit return as they already make pickups in Asia and it was just a no brainier for Lace to do full guitars to but have an extra revel stream, yet a banner on every guitar cent wall to display there pickup branding, it is what will get them more exposure in a actual store because the home craftsman can't put guitars on Guitar center walls.

Smart ?  .. The only thing i learned in science class .... was the boiling point of ....

the teacher ;-)

lol, thanx man . 

"Boiling point of the teacher!" Holy crap! That was so true with many of them. LOL never heard it put that way OMG, love it!

On sale for $350! For Real? I felt like I robbed a guy charging a buck fifty for an electric CBG. God almighty, wow! Does it come with an amp too! I know I'm a newbie here, but really that much for a name?

Chinese.,.? The pickup is the most expensive part of the whole thing.,.,lots of profit built into the price tag.,.,If a chinese knock off Les Paul sells for $80 from China, the factory is getting $40 or less for one of these.,.,most likely less.,.,to build these.,.,they love the profit.,.,it is a very simple design.,.,

The last CBG I bought had all kinds of build quality issues. I actually took it to a custom guitar maker's shop and he expressed how the builder didn't know much of anything on how to properly build a guitar. That has made me cautious about where to buy another CBG. I saw the ads for the Lace CBGs and thought maybe they would be quality made with consistency. So I've been curious. Any other shops I can look at?

I've had hit and miss quality issues with CBGs I've bought. One the neck has started to twist and warp. Took another one apart. Neck is fine. Box has to be replaced. Bought my first in 2014. Still my go to CBG.

To be fair a builder doesn't have much control to what happens over time to a neck. 99% of all wood used is from big box stores. Like Lowe's and Home Depot.


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