So I wanted to say a hello to all of you. I tinker with things a lot and about a year or so ago my son (6 at the time) decided we wanted to make him a little fret-less cigar box guitar. I more or less through in one for myself with frets.

You folks know, I am sure, how you cant just build one. So now I have 7 or so under my wings. After lurking a bit I decided to get on and say hi and thanks and show off a picture or two...

Thanks! Here are a couple I have put together.

Guitars Crop.JPG

Fretless Paper Box.JPG

AlleyRat 1.JPG

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  • Yeah, matching set. Both a bit beat up, but still quite cool.

    You can also see, in the bottom left corner, the edge of a recently acquired Harmony Monterey. That is a real cool guitar. Tuned down a full step it comes alive!

  • Awesome blog Seth! Thanks for posting the link.

    I noticed the Epi amp left and down from the Gibson. So you got the Gibson amp AND a matching lap steel? Totally cool!

  • A good point. I actualy need to take that Trace (and my Hi-Fi) in for some work. It just quit makin noise about a month ago.Anyone know of a good all around amp tec. in Denver?

    However, that amp is a badass. It is the Supertramp. 100W Hybrid, with tube and solid state which makes it very versitile, dpending on what section you overdrive, and it has some nice boost chanels as well. If I ever have the funds, I will likely buy a second one if I can find it. Something of a rare model.

    I also have two modded Epi. Valve Jr.'s which are very cool. I actually don't hanker much for amps. I have about 5 (give or take) and feel that it is enough for any of my needs. If I were buying any amps, they would be weird stuff, just like my guitars.

  • Wow Thanks everyone! I am going to try to address all the concerns at once here...

    First, the Gibson amp is real nice. Not a lot of crunch to it unless you get a real high output pickup, but very tube sounding and classic. It was a gift, of all things, with a matching lap steel to go with.

    I have some more NSFW gear around too, but I will try to keep it "clean" for the moment.

    I am a Colorado guy, not born here but my kids were! Tin Cup is good, and a reasonable price, but upon doing research the "Colorado" part is mostly in name. Sort of a marketing ploy more than an actual still and aging process all in Colorado... I find this to be the case with a lot of alcohol marketing actually.

    The "box" of the license plate guitar is a vertical support from a shelf I found in the alley and may or may not have hit repeatedly with a sledgehammer. I cut a chunk out of the middle to make a little void. The matching plate is on the back. The only real money I spent was on the pickup for that guitar.

    Now for the cargo bike... I am uploading a picture of it. I will also give this link to a blog that has both my CBG's as well as a lot of other ones I find around the internet. If it is #taged as #mine I built it, otherwise I found it. (some of you may see your guitars on there, if you want it taken down, or want details added just let me know). But on that blog you will also find a video of me riding the insanity that is that bike.

    Whew. Anything else for now?


    Cargo Bike.jpg

    • What, no love for the Trace Elliot? Folks around here running piezos would be a lot happier with tone if they plugged into one of those. :-)

  • Thanks for posting the pics, I love seeing other people's work. Nice little collection, though you should warn viewers that the Gibson and vinyl in the background is not safe for work. I think the kids use the NSFW moniker or something.

  • Welcome.  What is the alleyrat's body from, or did you make that box?

  • welcome aboard Seth,nice make.

    yeah how about pics of that bike. from ol blighty.john

  • Cool guitars Seth. I take it you're a Colorado man with the licence plate and the Tincup whiskey (on my 'to try' list) :)

    ...and I want to see the bike you built.

  • Well I'm partial to rats.... : )
    Great looking builds Seth! Really dig the Gibson amp! Bet that's a really sweet blues amp.

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