I was thinking about going to Hunstville this year for the CBG fest but I can't find any information about it online. I know it typically happens in late May or early June so I figured it would be posted somewhere. I checked this site, various social media sites, Shane Speal's site, and Lowemill.net. Nobody had any mention of it whatsoever.

Is the festival happening this year? If someone has any details please paste a link below. I'd really like to go.

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I don't expect Facebook to hold its grip forever, this CBN place is a great place and I believe the Cigar Box Nation will grow and be even better in the next few years, even more so.

The cigar box guitar Festival will continue and it's bigger and better ever year, so I bet it will be a great one this year too.

Yeah. I certainly hope so.

Hey all! I got an email back from Shane. He gave me a number to call and I just got off the phone with a fella at the venue. He said the festival is going to be a 1-day show this year. It's happening on June 1.

He said it will be posted here soon: https://barkingdogarts.com/calendar?view=calendar&month=06-2019

"This place years ago, was always the place to be. There would be at least, 20 to 30 chatters here, all the time, thru the day and night."

True, and there are several reasons for that. Social media plays a big role. People have shorter attention spans, and the nature of Facebook is transitory. That reflects society as a whole, folks flit from one shiny thing to the next without delving too deeply into anything.

More important though, is that the whole CBG thing doesn't have the energy or enthusiasm it once had (back during the days of the Yahoo group or even during the first couple years of this site). It became much more tame and mainstream. Nothing against CB Gitty and Shane at all; they were very smart, saw an opportunity, and filled it extremely well.

But, when you have only one supplier who has to make a profit (and one supplier is probably all the market could handle for a niche product like CBGs) and only one site in which to congregate, things tend to get very civilized.

The earlier incarnations of the CBG movement tended to be free-wheeling, pretty adversarial at times, and frequently a bit coarse. Tempers flared, opinions were vocal. CBGs were an old thing made new again, and the tone was a little Wild West. Plus, if you posted music, you expected to hear everything from accolades to constructive criticism to flat-out dislike in vivid and colorful language. That's not something you'll find these days.

That doesn't work for a business site such as this. That's either good or bad, depending on your perspective.

But, the mellow mood here doesn't really provide enough excitement to draw in folks in our present PC and sensitive social media era. A small, core group seems to hang here daily. Some people (like me) maybe take a peek every month or two. Other's merely signed up, looked it over, and moved onto other things.

It is what it is . . . for good or bad

Leave to Ron to go all philosophical...and accurate too!

This was a spot on analysis, and i would defiantly say that a lot of the problem was from LifeLog, or I mean Facebook and how it has warped peoples treatment of others and also ruined their attention span.

You were right, we use to post videos and everybody would chime in with their comments likes and dislikes, but now ....in my case if I don't actual strait up manipulate the video by writing the words Blues and cutting of the into and speeding up the music, people will not even watch past the 15 second mark!

...its strange, if the build up is too long they exit the video and scroll past it...but if i take the exact same video and remove the first 30 seconds of walking intro, they watch it.....i was talking to my wife about that not to long ago, that's a testament to how low the threshold is of people attention span is nowadays, some videos I have just recycled my old videos from the past and i edited them to start at the fast or "crescendo part"  otherwise they move on.

That being said,

I still believe and KNOW cigar box guitars are the GREATEST hobby ever and I am still totally infatuated with them and at work creating new things!

Very true, John.  I don't do CBG videos often, but when I do, they have to come in immediately with my fastest licks, continue at that tempo, and not run over 1 minute.  Otherwise, the analytics will show that time spent watching is non-existent.

I'm on other music forum (for a different instrument . . . my primary instrument really) and I know that posting my stuff there will get me all types of critiques from folks far better than me. I like that, as it elucidates me as to things I am doing wrong, or should be doing better, or shouldn't be doing at all. Sometimes it can be blunt, and admittedly, a thick skin is required.

I don't think I've ever seen ANY type of criticism - constructive or otherwise - on a single video here. I'm pretty sure that anyone who posted a response in that direction would endure quite a negative backlash. They would be called mean, harsh, or cruel

That's too bad. I don't know how a person progresses musically without honest feedback from their peers. Repetition of "good job," or "that was great" - especially if it wasn't - doesn't lead to proficiency. 

But maybe that's what most folks want

Good job!

ha!    i couldn't resist!

You guys both bring up some excellent points. I almost feel like this should be an new thread about social media and diminishing attention spans. This is a very insightful topic. :-)

Honestly thought, it's not just CBGs, its everything. I got a comment on one of my synthesizer videos a while back that said "fast forward to 8:33 to get past all the stupid talking and see the actual video." But guess what... that same video got another comment "thanks for taking the time to show us how to do that." To me, the one person you help is more important than the 25 who didn't have the attention span to make it past 15 seconds.

I realize my videos will never be the most popular on YouTube... but that's not my goal... and I'm fine with that.

I have had that same kind of post before...people wanting to fast forward to the "dopamine" part...they need their fix...i guess the computer really is reconditioning our brains!

I'm relatively new to the CBG world, but from what I've seen so far... I like the community, the people, the hobby, and the expression. I'm not going to disagree with anything said above about society or social media. I think that's spot on. But for what its worth... I like it here.

Oh BTW, it looks like they posted the details finally.



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